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Esmé specialises in myofascial release & offers customised therapeutic massage, working with you with care & consideration towards your wellbeing objectives.


Downtime is important for you and those around you.

'Esme is a multifaceted professional. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring...'

Help your body out of

aches & pains

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These are some of the problem areas Esmé can help you with;


* Back & neck pain                                    * Parkinson's                    

* Chronic Fatigue, ME                               * Pre & post surgery

* Dementia                                                * Rotator cuff                        

* Foot & ankle pain                                   * RSI  

* Headaches & migraines                         * Scar tissue

* Leg pain                                                  * Shoulder pain                    

* Lymphoedema                                       * Spondylitis                                          


Ask today how I can help you...

New for 2018 - Pilates! On qualifying Esmé will provide bespoke classes to compliment her therapeutic work. Watch this space!

Would you like to learn more about fascia?

Why therapists work on it, how exercise can affect it and so much more...


Esmé spent time learning from some of these amazing pioneers that appear in this video. (Fascia research school, Leipzig 2016.)


Video available till 26/02/2018

With subtitles.