Venue: Reading Room, Village Hall, Neasham nr Darlington


Tuesday's from 27th November - 10.30am (*beginner/intermediate) FULL


[Classes for 2019 will be shown soon...]


*for all genders.


Improve your core & posture become more energy efficient

I look forward to helping you gain balance, energy and strength.

Ask me today how Pilates can help you... Esmepilates


Get in touch!

07952 263 103

01325 497 758

'Just as a good smooth-running automobile engine is the result of proper parts correctly assembled so that it operates with a minimum consumption of gasoline and oil with comparitively little wear...' Joseph Pilates

* Required

£26 for 4 classes

£8 drop in - check before turning up!

Introductory offer - 

                            - New to Pilates?

                            - Rehabilitation from injury or illness?

                            - Prefer the focus given in 1-1?

                            - Travel lots?


Are you doing a specific sport that requires a more tailored approach than a general class? Do you want to build your confidence before joining a class?


There are many reasons for 1-1 and Esmé will work with you to reach your goals. The sessions are held in a bright therapy room in Neasham.

E-mail if you have any questions on 1-1 pilates.


Introductory offer October - December 2018;

£20 per hour - no minimum number of classes

Want to do Pilates from the comfort of your home; ask about pricing.


2019 - £25per hour.

One to One

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