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"I was advised by my surgeon to have specialist Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to my thighs after undergoing VaserLipo liposuction.

As a qualified nurse myself, choosing a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner was important to me.

I felt entirely confident in her skills as a practitioner and in her approach, and the results she achieved reflected her expertise; a speedy reduction in swelling and bruising, and improved skin texture - very impressive!

I can, and do, whole heartedly recommend Esme to others!"

'Following a total knee replacement and follow up surgery, my recovery was being hindered by swelling of the knee that would just not go away. A series of MLD sessions with Esme was the 'magic' key to unlocking my recovery. I found MLD to be gentle, calming and relaxing but at the same time this technique has simply eliminated the chronic and long term swelling. In addition, Esme has released the muscular tension that was surrounding my knee and that was causing me pain. I am now much more fully realising the benefits of my new joint. I think about my knee so much less.'


After years of aching muscles and postural habits through sporting activities and the general biomechanics of everyday and working life, i discovered Esme's talents!  I really benefit from her myofascial release techniques, they are amazing and help me stay pain free, super mobile and totally sleepy after a session!  Highly recommended!

Esmé offered a really good experience to someone with a long history of massage.....I felt personally attended to, cared about and followed up well. A great location and helpful evening appointments. A great service.

I started to go to Esmé after suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury. I also have a shoulder problem which meant lifting my arm was difficult and could be painful. After a few sessions with Esmé, my arm moves a lot more easily, is much less painful and as well as benefitting from her fabulous massage therapy, I have been doing a range of exercises as she advised, which are easing my RSI symptoms. After trying several other therapists it was such a relief to find Esmé. She has a very caring and professional manner, always follows up after our sessions and instils trust. She really knows what she's doing and I can highly recommend her.

"Esmé is an exceptional therapist and comes highly recommended. She listens carefully to your needs, tailors the treatment to suit the situation and has an amazing knack of being able to get rid of those aches and pains. I often come away feeling like I have a brand new body!"

Amanda.R, Dec 2014

S.Fleming, Dec 2014



"I had been searching for a massage therapist to relieve head, neck, and back pains from the long hours I spend reading and writing, on top of multiple years of athletic involvement. I had previously been used to intense, Olympic level sports therapy, so I had been wary of trying unfamiliar therapists outside of the competitive athletic circles.  

The myofascial releases I have received have drastically relieved my chronic headaches. I can wholeheartedly say that Esme is one of the most caring, professional, and experienced massage therapists I have worked with.

I easily recommend her services to anyone in need of stress release, chronic pain relief, and even those who desire a bit of extra relaxation for the body and mind."

Andrew M, Jan 2015


Angela Hall

Equine Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

Three years ago I had a fall and since that time have suffered with pain in my shoulder with visits to my GP and a physio therapist giving no relief or improvement to the condition.  A friend who visits Esme regularly gave me her contact details and on my first visit, Esme said that I would need 3-4 sessions to resolve the problem.  She was right - I noticed an improvement after my first session and after the 4th, the pain had completely disappeared.


She is always friendly and considerate and I can thoroughly recommend her services as a massage therapist

Doris Jackson, August 2015

Rachel Hudson

I really appreciate Esme's knowledgeable approach to treatment; she is caring and supportive, and I have noticed great improvements since I started seeing her regularly.  I warmly recommend her.

Ludmilla Jordanova, March 2016

L Manley, November 2016

After struggling with the onset of post breast surgery and radiotherapy Lymphoedema for over a year I finally found Esme in the week before she was moving to Fiji.  Esme fitted me in for three intensive sessions before leaving the North East and then followed up by ordering me appropriate compression bras and sleeves and sending me the exercises on video. Esme has given me the confidence to take control and after less than a month I have seen a reduction in the swelling in my arm and torso.  The video is very motivating and ensures I do the exercises correctly, just wish I’d found her sooner!


I would definitely recommend Esme.  I was immediately confident of her professional knowledge and was so appreciative of her seeing me in the midst of packing up.  Hurry back to the North East Esme………thank you for your support.  

Ingrid - April 2017

Couldn't recommend Esme highly enough. After being sent out of hospital barely able to walk on strong pain killers I had no option but to stay at my mams because I couldn't get up my stairs.

After a few treatments off Esme my pain and movement drastically improved. I was able to go home and normal life resumed.

After this I was sent for hospital Physio and given the exercises esme had suggested a long time before.

Thank you so much!

Kirsty - Nov 2017